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MAC OS X Mojave

Miscellaneous information pertaining to the MAC OS X, both command line tips and tricks, as well as other information for those who prefer a nice pretty window that responds to a mouse! 😉

Command Line Tools

Here are some command line tools you run within a "Terminal", a window with usually a black background and a flashing cursor awaiting for someone to type a command.

To open a "Terminal" from MAC OS Mojave, move your mouse down to the bottom to bring up the main menu bar, and then on the bottom left, click on the "Launchpad" icon/button.
Then, click on the icon labeled "Other", which is usually on the 2nd page of the main menu. Within the "Other" menu of icons, you should see "Terminal". That's the one you will want to use to run things directed from the command line on any MAC OS X based computer.

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